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Message Board Craft

Message boards are for everyone - children of any age and adults as well.

This is an easy craft that teens will enjoy making to hang up in their room to display their favorite pictures. Parents will be happy to have a place to leave messages and reminder notes.

This is a craft that you can personalize for gift giving for holidays, birthdays, or baby showers. The options are limitless.

pink & zebra message boardThe finished message board shown here has a zebra fabric which is glued to the cardboard backing. The frame was painted hot pink and decorated with some ribbon and bling.

This makes a great gift for anyone who loves pink, animal prints and a little bling. The best part about this craft is you can make it to fit the personality of the person to whom you will be giving it.

If you are making a rainy day craft with the kids you can use a foam sheet glued to cardboard and 'frame' the edges using ribbon or duck tape for a finished look. You don't necessarily have to use a picture frame if you are not giving it as a gift.

Message Board Supplies and Instructions

You can recycle unused pictures frames for this project or purchase an inexpensive frame. The rest of the supplies you might already have, however if you are making a message board to coordinate with the colors of a room you will need to gather the specific coordinating items.

To get started you will need:

  • picture frame - 11"x16" or any size you choose
  • sandpaper
  • foam paint brush
  • acrylic paint
  • fabric, foam sheets or scrapbook paper to fit the frame
  • cardboard to fit the frame
  • scissors
  • white craft glue/hot glue gun
  • ribbon
  • ruler
  • mod podge

The image below with instructions shows that you can make a message board using either fabric, foam sheets, or even scrapbook paper. You decide based on whether the message board will be more decorative or just something for the kids to put in their rooms. message board tutorial

Message Board Basic Instructions

  1. Lightly sand the frame to prepare for painting. Use a damp paper towel to wipe away any dust from the sanding and then paint. Set aside to dry.
  2. Use the frame backing as a guide to measure the size you need to fit in the frame. Trace around the insert on to thin cardboard and then onto the material you will use. If using fabric cut the fabric 1 inch larger on all sides so you can fold over the fabric and glue it for a clean finish.
  3. If using paper or foam glue it on to the measured cardboard you just cut. It should fit right into the frame for a clean finish.
  4. When the frame is dry, give it a coat or two of mod podge and let it dry. Then you can decorate it any way you choose or just leave it as is.
  5. At this point you can put your decorative insert into the frame.
  6. Use coordinating ribbon or string threaded through the back of the frame hooks to hang it or just place the frame on a hook or nail in the wall.

Share The Art Project

Color is an important part of our lives. Our mission is to share the creative works of our children. They are so proud of their work and we want them to know that we too are proud of what they have created.

When you share it with us we will be honored to showcase it in our Collage Gallery.

Email us with the information about the work you are submitting. Include the child's first name, age, state, and if possible, a title of the picture -- and please remember to upload a photo of the artwork to the email before you hit "send".

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